January 26, 2008

Pecha Kucha Full Screen Picture Viewer with Twenty Second Timer

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We have found a great full screen picture viewer that has a twenty second (20 s) timer and is perfect for Pecha Kucha talks. Pecha Kucha presentations are 20 slides for 20 seconds each. It started in Japan and means chit-chat and now has spread the world as an excellent format for encouraging to the point presentations.

The picture viewer is called OrbitZoom. It is free.

OrbitZoom Image Viewer

Here is an online example of OrbitZoom so there may be some delay in loading pictures. The pictures come from Flickr one of the biggest online photo sharing sites. Just press the space bar to start the show – it defaults to 5 seconds between pictures but you can set that as described below.

Pecha Kucha Full Screen Picture Viewer with Twenty Second Timer

Installation Tips

Usage Tips

  • Make a folder with your twenty pictures. It seems that OrbitZoom views them in alphabetical order.
  • Once you install OrbitZoom you can just drop the first picture onto OrbitZoom icon or window.
  • You can use arrows or roll your mouse at the sides to see arrows.
  • But better yet, you can press the space bar to play the images in the folder.
  • You can set the time between slides with the numbers 1-9 and 0 is 10.
  • Use the Apple or Ctrl key to add 10 to the numbers so just use Apple/Ctrl 0 to get 20 seconds!
  • Make the presentation full screen by pressing F11 or Apple/Ctrl F.